Are you aware of the guidelines for website accessibility?  Are you aware of the legal risk in noncompliance? Litigation could cost your organization $25,000 and up per occurance of non-compliance. Are you prepared to risk donor dollars for something we can easily fix? Are you thinking the time is now to become compliant? Fill out the form below and rest easy- help is on the way. 

Access for All is a program by IF Creative to bring awareness and solutions for website accessibility. If you maintain a web presence via a website this information is mission critical. Please do not delay and take advantage of our offer. 

This is mission critical. Do not delay.

Optimizing websites for accessibility and ADA compliance will serve to create better content that is usable by more people, which makes the internet a better place for all.

The Department of Justice is certain that the current best practices will soon make their way into our courts and become legal requirments. The guidelines already align with many web design best practices. However, some modifications will require a little extra technical work. Our diagnostic report will give you what those items look like and an estimated cost. You are free to have the work done yourself or we can offer those services. Either way, the scan and report is on the house. 

In the end, our goal is to help make your content available in different forms for different devices and audiences, make your website logical and easy to use, and make your website technically sound. Oh, and of course: make the internet a better place for all. 


Questions? Email us at [email protected] 

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